Finn the Wonder Pup Gets a Bath!

He hates it and loves it all at the same time!  We give him a bath about about 2-3 weeks after his grooming, which will hold him for 2-3 weeks before his next session.  It's a lot of work!  He is excited for the first few minutes and loves it at the end.  It's the middle he is not to cool with!  Here are some fun shots of the middle!  You can tell by the look he would rather have me blow dry him, instead of taking pictures. This is the after!  Being clean is so exhausted! … Read More »

The top 10 things I have learned by becoming a dog mom!

I think I should start this post by saying that I never thought of myself as a animal person.  Animals take a lot of work, money, time and energy.  I like controlling my own schedule and being the boss of my free time, my house and myself.  But almost 2 years ago, something flipped, and all of the sudden I NEEDED a dog. Being the crazy person I am, I began to research dogs.  I looked at breeds and began to decided what kind of dog I wanted.  Big, small, young and old. Once the choice was … Read More »