A Wrinkle in the 20 in 20 Plan! Part 2

#7 Learn to Cook! So because we are always home now I am getting better at cooking more…because we have no choice! I got an instant for my birthday and I have been trying new things with it as much as I can. Here is what I have tried!

Meatballs! I am a big fan of Italian and I love meatballs! In the instapot I can make meatballs in 10 minutes! It was super easy and sooooo good! Raw meat, sauce, and a little water for 10 minutes! Win Win Win!

I also made roasted potatoes! I know it doesn’t sound big to most people, but I don’t really cook and I want to change it! I have a super weird allergy to potato skins and raw potatoes. I have learned that white potato skins are ok! So I make sure to buy that kind when I can. Russet potatoes…those kill me a little! This week I am going to make some bread and I have an amazing looking strawberry donut recipe I plan to try next week….If I can get what I need at the grocery store! One of the perks of COVID 19

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