20 Plans for the Year 2020 Part 2

11. Travel more!  I am a homebody and I do love it!  I like being home and relaxing.  I like my couch, my bed and my dog.  So being home is great.  But I do also enjoying traveling.  So whether is it local or far.  There will be more trips this year for sure!  

12. Sit on a beach for a vacation!  That is right!  This pale Irish girl wants to sit on a beach for a few days somewhere!  This past year all of my vacations consisted of either being with a friend and their kids or traveling to see a friend and their kids!  Now I LOVE my friends and I LOVE seeing their kids!  But sometimes a vacation needs to be a time where you get to sit and do NOTHING and I believe that should be a on a beach somewhere!  That is on my list of things to do…sit on a beach for at least 3 days!  

13. Take the Summer Intensive Class with Art Emotion: in Salt Lake City or Cleveland in summer 2021.  I have to say 2021 because it takes some planning to get that together.  It is at the end of the school year and during recital season so I need to reschedule some things for the following year.  But I have wanted to go for a few years now and can’t wait!  

14. Visit 3 New England Must See Places.  I have lived in New England most my life and I have never seen some places like…Martha’s Vineyard or Block Island.  So I will make a New England Bucket List and explore!  

15. Learn How to Cross-Stitch. This list makes me feel more and more like an old lady, but it would still be a fun task to learn.  I mean…aren’t we always just spending our time preparing to be old?  

16. Take a Hand Lettering Class.  I would love to be able to do some fancy hand lettering and will take a workshop to make everything I write look oh so pretty!  

17. Play Bingo in a Bingo Hall.  So silly, but I drive by a church who dies it constantly and when I was doing research into items to do this year this one made me smile!  So Bingo with the old ladies it is!  

18. See a show on Broadway this year!  I would love to see another show on the Great White Way!  My plan is to see the Music Man after it opens this year!  

19. ??????

20. ??????

I want to leave the last 2 open for inspiration sake!  If something beckons me, I want to be open to it!  

20 Plans for the Year 2020 Part 1

2020…here we go!

I can’t believe it is 2020 and I am sitting here again and thinking about all the things I want to do or think I should do in the year to come.  New year, new decade and everyone always thinks…it’s time for a new me!  I am kinda a fan of the old me or at least I’m a fan of the current me.  So in 2020, I will not become a new me, but instead I will continue to become more awesome.  So in the tradition of the lists I have made in the past like 30 in 30 or 32 in 32 (I am getting too old and the numbers are getting too high).  I will instead make a 20 in 20 list!  

20 new chances to accomplish 20 new things or just get better at the things I can do now!  So without further due…. 20 in 20!!  Well, the first 10 of the 20!  

  1. Figure out how to make this blog work!  I have skills but not a whole lot of them.  So to youtube a go to learn how to make this blog work better!  You’re welcome!  
  2. Start to listen to at least 2 new podcasts!  I know what you are thinking “Brandie Lee, podcasts aren’t new, you old lady!”  I know that they are not new, but I never really listen to them.  I found a new podcast before the new year and it has me excited to start listening to it.  It is called “Call Me Cordelia”, obviously it is about Anne of Green Gables!  So excited!
  3. Run a 1/2 Marathon…and try not to die a little!  One of my BFF’s and I are running the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon in February 2020.  1. I don’t run and 2. I don’t run, So 3. I’m in big trouble!  It has always been on my list of things I want to do and there is no time like the present. I will update on the process and the funeral arrangements if necessary.
  4. Start and finish my Master’s degree!  That’s right you read it correctly, I am going to start and finish my Master’s degree this year.  It is part of my 5 year plan…so let’s get cracking!   
  5. Learn a new craft!  You know me!  I love to craft and I LOVE to learn new things.  I am very interested in some small woodworking lately.  I am doing some research into a small project to start with…stay posted!  
  6. Pay off debt!  (Except student loans…lets be honest I will be paying for those till I die!)  I would also like to make a big dent into my car pay off too!  
  7. Learn to cook!  I know that I have a few staple meals I can cook, you know if someone has a baby or there is a potluck.  But I would like to learn to cook a few more dishes that require me to branch out into a new cooking world and expand my palate more!  
  8. Golf!  I was blessed to learn at the right hand of an awesome golfer this summer, Joe Burke!  My plan is to grow in this area more and actually learn to plan a whole game and decide if I like it.  If I do…let’s play!  If I don’t….that’s cool let’s move on!  
  9. Spend more time with my family!  I love my family and my goal is to spend more time with them.  I would like to have some more dinners and adventures with them for sure!  
  10. Train the dog!  Finn the Wonder Pup is my bestest thing!  I am a crazy dog mom and I am not ashamed of that!  But I would like him to be a better dog.  I would like him to be better trained, so Finn and I will work harder on becoming a better dog this year.