19 before 2019!

In a feeble attempt to get things going in my blog world again…not sure why I feel compelled to keep making these things happen…I have been reading a lot of blogs about planning out content for your blog.  To become more successful with consistency, a schedule can help.  So I did just that.  I sat and made a schedule, and here is the first step: 19 things I plan to do before 2019!

19 things is not a lot.  In the past, I have always done the “36 before I turn 36,” and I realized that is a LOT of things.  Using the whole year seems to be easier, and I know that I can successfully achieve 19 things on a list.  Planning always makes me feel confident and assured.  I love having a plan.  I do not mind when the plan changes; it doen’t send me into a downward spiral.  Plans help me anticipate the next step.  So here is the list of 19 things I plan to achieve by 2019….

  1. Actually keep to this blog-posting schedule!  I will share in a later post my plan.
  2. Finish the bathroom redecorating project.
  3. Paint the kitchen, and be more organized in the kitchen.
  4. Start my master’s program…I just keep delaying, but I am also anxious to start!
  5. Fully train my sweet pup, Finn!
  6. Sell $1000 worth of product with Crown & Tee this year.
  7. Get back on, and better at, pointe.
  8. Volunteer once a month with the USO New England.
  9. Log an average of 6,000 steps a day on my fit bit, which would average out to 2,184,000 steps a year!  That is 873.6 miles!  That is like walking 33.6 marathons!
  10. Finish and post about 8 different craft projects this year.
  11. Participate in 3 vendor fairs this year for Crown & Tee.
  12. Have people over to my home for a meal at least once a month.
  13. Read 4 books from start to finish…that have nothing to do with school!
  14. Pay off all credit card debt.
  15. Learn 2 new things/skills this year.  One of them is hand lettering!
  16. Apply a face mask twice a week.  I know this seems silly, but…41 ain’t no joke.  Skin care is important!
  17. Be consistent in saving money and keeping on a budget!
  18. Go to the La Duca sale this year!!  I just feel like I would be a better dancer!
  19. Complete new member course with the DAR.

These are the main 19, but so many times throughout the year, things become important to you, and it becomes something you want to complete.  So 19 could become 28!  I will update on my process through out the year.

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