The top 10 things I have learned by becoming a dog mom!

I think I should start this post by saying that I never thought of myself as a animal person.  Animals take a lot of work, money, time and energy.  I like controlling my own schedule and being the boss of my free time, my house and myself.  But almost 2 years ago, something flipped, and all of the sudden I NEEDED a dog.

Being the crazy person I am, I began to research dogs.  I looked at breeds and began to decided what kind of dog I wanted.  Big, small, young and old. Once the choice was made, I began the search.  With the help of a friend and co-worker I found Simon… who then became Finn when I got him.  Finnegan O’Malley Gaudet.  He is super cute.  He is a Pekinese/Toy Poodle mix or a Pekapoo.  Before I picked him up on April 16th.  I imagined what it would be like.  I visualized getting up to take a dog outside, feed him and all those tasks.  Never would I have imagined the joy, frustration, love and time/money sucker this cutie would be!  So here is the list of things I have learned from having Finn so far…..

  1.  It is possible to become a crazy dog lady all in one moment.  -Finn is such a cutie, and I knew when I saw his picture that he was my dog.  Although it looked at times like I wouldn’t get him, I knew that he was mine.  So I was patient and waited.  I have become that crazy women who needs to buy toys all the time, worries about his sleeping and just in general a crazy animal person lady.
  2. I worry about whether Finn is enjoying his life with me… –This is another great example of my crazy lady moments.  This past week I have found myself thinking, as I am walking him “He hates it here.  We never do anything fun.  We walk in the same places and do a lot of the same things.  There is no adventure for him.  He must hate his life!”  Then I say to myself, “Ok crazy!  #1. He is a dog, and  #2. You just had to stop him from eating his own poop…. he’s fine!”
  3. How many times can you say “What are you eating?” – At least a thousand times a day I find myself saying “what are you eating?”, “Spit that out!”, “NO FINN!  That will kill you!” and so on.  It drives me crazy!  This dog has no care for his personal safety!  I am the crazy lady who fishes things out of his mouth, pulls him to safety and plots out things to prevent the fight.
  4. I spend a good part of my day waiting on a dog to go potty! – I am always saying “You want to go potty”, “Finn go potty”, “You want a cookie, you need to go pee”, “FINN GO POTTY NOW!!!” and so on.  It reminds me of my preschool teacher days when I would BEG preschoolers to do the same.  I am the crazy lady who stresses about her dog’s bowel movements, and when we are off schedule, I am one step away from calling Dr Auntie Cathy and rushing him in.
  5. I plan and plot ways to bring more joy to his life! – Here is another example of my crazy.  He loves watching the cars drive by when we are outside while I am begging him to go potty.  I started to wonder how I could make it possible to enjoy this while I am away during the day.  Maybe I can make a stand to put his crate on, so he can look out the window and see the cars.  Oh he would love that…. Ummm, crazy dog lady!  Having conversations with him about how he is going to hate the car ride but LOVE when we get there. Negotiating with a dog!  That is a crazy moment… lets talk about that more.
  6. Negotiating with the dog! – I find myself on a daily basis negotiating with this dog.  Stop eating that, I’ll give you a cookie instead.  Let’s go potty, I’ll give you a cookie.  Go in your crate, I’ll give you a cookie.  Stop eating my clothing, I’ll give you a cookie.  When I was a teacher I use to say “I do not negotiate with terrorists!” when I found myself negotiating with my preschoolers.  I now find myself saying that to Finn.  I will not be a person who does that…. and yet I do!
  7. I am more stressed about him going to the vet than he is. –I talk to him about it the whole way there.  I talk about how he will see his Vet Tech girlfriends and see Dr Auntie Cathy and how they are going to give him a shot, and it will only hurt a little, but after he will have a cookie.  I remind him how he loves the cookies they have there, and because he will be a good puppy, they will give him a bunch.  He looks at me like he usually does… like I am crazy!  Then on the drive home, we talk about how great it was.  He usually ignores me and falls asleep.
  8. Finn Stalker Cam. – Yup, thanks to that friend and co-worker I also have a stalker cam on the pup while I am away from him.  I can talk to him, see him and hear him while he is in his crate.  He is such a good pup that he is never upset in his crate, so there really is no point.  But still I feel like a better dog mom when I have a crazy lady stalker cam on him.                            IMG_1255
  9. No Finn, potty outside–  I find myself saying this to him a lot.  I finally buckled down and trained him to go outside.  Finally we had 2 great weeks of success!  But this success came from me watching him like a hawk while I am home.  When I see him making that “move”, I jump up and run over and rush outside.  So, being the lady that I am, I took him to Pet Smart to pick out a toy… any toy to celebrate his success.  He picked the food that dropped on the floor near the food section.  Oh goodness!
  10. No one will love you like a dog!- The smiles and the jumping up and down when I come home.  He runs to me when we are outside.  He wants to be on my lap, eat my hair, lick my feet and hands.  When I leave him, he cries, and he jumps up and down when I come back.   I know that he loves me.  The joy of his life would be if I just stayed home and sat in the chair in the kitchen and just stayed with him.  But as I remind him, if he likes the kibble and the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to, I need to go to work.


I think about where he came from and how he must miss his brothers.  I think about his first foster mom and does he miss her.  I wonder if he likes me more or less.   Although I doubt my skills to care for and train this pup, I know his life is good and he is truly loved.  People in our life love him so much and are always happy to see him and spend time.  He has a new best friend Ollie and a girlfriend Daisy.  He has a pretty sweet life and he sure makes my life better.

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