20 Plans for the Year 2020 Part 2

11. Travel more!  I am a homebody and I do love it!  I like being home and relaxing.  I like my couch, my bed and my dog.  So being home is great.  But I do also enjoying traveling.  So whether is it local or far.  There will be more trips this year for sure!  

12. Sit on a beach for a vacation!  That is right!  This pale Irish girl wants to sit on a beach for a few days somewhere!  This past year all of my vacations consisted of either being with a friend and their kids or traveling to see a friend and their kids!  Now I LOVE my friends and I LOVE seeing their kids!  But sometimes a vacation needs to be a time where you get to sit and do NOTHING and I believe that should be a on a beach somewhere!  That is on my list of things to do…sit on a beach for at least 3 days!  

13. Take the Summer Intensive Class with Art Emotion: in Salt Lake City or Cleveland in summer 2021.  I have to say 2021 because it takes some planning to get that together.  It is at the end of the school year and during recital season so I need to reschedule some things for the following year.  But I have wanted to go for a few years now and can’t wait!  

14. Visit 3 New England Must See Places.  I have lived in New England most my life and I have never seen some places like…Martha’s Vineyard or Block Island.  So I will make a New England Bucket List and explore!  

15. Learn How to Cross-Stitch. This list makes me feel more and more like an old lady, but it would still be a fun task to learn.  I mean…aren’t we always just spending our time preparing to be old?  

16. Take a Hand Lettering Class.  I would love to be able to do some fancy hand lettering and will take a workshop to make everything I write look oh so pretty!  

17. Play Bingo in a Bingo Hall.  So silly, but I drive by a church who dies it constantly and when I was doing research into items to do this year this one made me smile!  So Bingo with the old ladies it is!  

18. See a show on Broadway this year!  I would love to see another show on the Great White Way!  My plan is to see the Music Man after it opens this year!  

19. ??????

20. ??????

I want to leave the last 2 open for inspiration sake!  If something beckons me, I want to be open to it!  

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